The painting on the wall below hangs in the lobby of the new Brattleboro Music Center’s auditorium in Brattleboro, Vermont.  It is a stillframe of my motionpainting “Blanche Moyse” (see Motionpainting Portraits menu) which I gifted to the BMC in 2017 to commemorate it’s founder (Mom).  It was printed and mounted on acrylic and measures 82″ X 82″.  This iteration is one of numerous stillframes I could have chosen from the quicktime movie which lasts 9 minutes and 57 seconds (that is 17,910 individual frames).

I mention this because, aside from showing the work in a gallery or museum setting or placing it in someone’s private home, there are only limited options for selling the work.  But choosing a stillframe and printing it in a size that is desirable offers an excellent option (think of this as a smaller fragment of a larger fragment).

To see my own personal stillframe choices which the reader can consider printing, click on the submenu to this page.  Please feel free to select any other stillframe from any of my motionpaintings should you be interested in alternatives (to do this, open the vimeo file, select the frame, note it’s numerical timecode, and let me know your choice).