The “Recycles” were done more in the spirit of ‘sketches’ than the major motionpaintings.  Meant for large screen projection and continuous viewing, they continue to reflect my interest in creating art that incorporates traditional drawing and painting techniques in a digital environment. 

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NewSelfMaxJitter (single screen)
Summer Squall Over Los Alamos
Voila, Mon Ami Pierrot
Self Portrait Dec 2011
Santa Fe Clouds (single screen)
Sangre de Cristo & Mountain Cloud 2
RedWhiteBlueMusic Dec 29
Pink Diddles & Piano
Red Pecker 2
"No 5224" (diptych)
My Whisperings 3
Musical Dets 31711 Geraniums
Musical Dots 31711 Geraniums 2
"mmmm" (version 3, 2010)
mmmm ver 2
Linda blackbkg
Hot Chocolate Studiomix1
Hot Chocolate Indian
Hot Chocolate Jan 22
Dots Circular Diptych Left Screen ALT (single screen)
Dots Circular 3 (6 screens)
Dots Circular 1
Dots Circular 2
Data Viewing 002
Meadowbrook to Western Avenue
Isabelle Almost Died
CarKnifeSofanudecar (original)
CarKnifeSofaNudeCar (final)
Vincent on the Road to Tarascon
Variation #26, "Interval" Workshop Performnce, 2015
Variation #13 (m.o.s.), "Interval" Workshop Performance 2015