These motionpaintings were done in the spirit of “sketches” or quick studies.  Created over a period of three years (2006-09), they reflect my interest in Max/Jitter, touch screen drawing, and the incorporation of various congruous and incongruous elements.  All are meant for large or small screen projection, Ultra Short-Throw projection, or flat wall monitor.  Unless otherwise noted, audio should be low level.

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Vertical 4577

Snapz Sun (ver 2 lines)

Quadrant Done

3 QT MaxwithBorder (comp 1 ver 2)

Snapz Pro Triptych

Brownlines 1


Dawn 04 (final)

Jan 10-09 Stage 6

Linda Triptych 2 (brown)

Snapz Pro 1209-3 (with black)

3 Bark Self-Portrait (trimmed)

Snapz Pro 12710

Snapz Pro 121108-6

Add to Border

Snapz Pro XScreensnapz003