This page features motionpainting portraits.  Taken in my studio, these images give an approximation of what the work looks like when projected on a large surface.  To view the portraits in motion, please click on any image.


These works are meant for large screen projection (suggested minimum 16 ft. diagonal) or ultra short-throw projection (technological improvements have now made it possible to project images that can be seen in near-broad daylight).  All works are meant for continuous viewing (i.e., looped).  Unless otherwise noted, audio should be played at a very low level.

In all cases, the original digital file should be used for exhibition purposes rather than the vimeo upload – this to ensure maximum resolution (please contact the artist for details).

PORTRAITS  (in order of appearance)

Josh Moyse

Christopher Andreasson (2 versions)

Joel Bernstein

Michael Hanish

Blanche Honneger Moyse (2 versions)

Carol Wincenc (2 versions)

Dan Sable

Deborah Berry

Isabelle Craig (2 versions)

Linda Moyse (5 versions)

Mara Williams (3 versions)

Self Portrait (Michel Moyse, 5 versions)

Tony Checchia (3 versions)

Toby Frank (2 versions)

Josh Moyse (2 Extended BK)
Christophe Wears a Red & Blue Tie (vertical version) - studio projection, 2020
Christophe Wears a Red & Blue Tie (wide version) - studio projection, 2020
Joel Bernstein Portrait (Ultra Short Throw projection)
Michael Hanish Portrait (Short Throw projection stillframe)
Blanche Honegger Moyse projection
Indian Pipes (Maman) projection
Carol Wincenc diptych projection
Carol Wincenc (single screen) projection
Dan Sable projection
Deborah Berry projection
Isabelle Craig projection
Isabelle Craig (ver 2) projection
Linda Moyse (diptych) projection
Linda Moyse (single screen) projection
Linda Moyse (Circles, Blk BK) projection
Linda Moyse Portrait (Mosaic 2)
Linda Moyse (van Gogh) projection
Mara Williams (no video)
Mara Williams projection
Mara Williams (vertical) projection
Red Cross (with Meme Perretier) - iteration with autobiographical audio track (historical self-portrait), 2018
Mamonet (self Portrait) projection
Michel Moyse TIBETAN projection
Michel Moyse (Alternate) projection
Michel Moyse (diptych) projection
Tony Checchia (12-30-15)projection
Tony Checchia (2 screen with remapped end) projection
Tony Checchia Contemplates South Pond projection
Toby Frank projection
Toby Frank (diptych) projection
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