Motionpaingtings offer limited possibilities for viewing – either as projections, or on flat screens, or as videowalls.  These options may not be suitable for some private spaces.  As alternative, another option which the viewer can consider is to select a stillframe from any of my motionpaintings for large-scale printing (acrylic, etc.). Although this choice offers a ‘still’ image instead of ‘motion’, I consider all my work to be fragments, such that a still frame is simply a single fragment of a larger fragment.  Although there’s obviously some aesthetic modification, I don’t think the artistic value is diminished.

Although the selections below provide some suggestions, many other stillframes from any of my motionpaintings can be selected.  To do this, select the appropriate motionpainting on Vimeo, note the corresponding timecode, then contact me for pricing and steps on how to proceed.


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